Thursday, April 8, 2010

Makrothumia - The Rit of Individuation (1997)

Romania? What a shithole! Musically speaking, what did we ever provide to the world? What did our musicians ever add to the metal genre? With the exception of Negura Bunget, most of our bands are third-rate Pantera or Hatebreed worship.
Well, lucky for us that Makrothumia contains Ed and Negru, the founding members of NB!
If you look beyond the engrish, you'll find that this obscure gem contains a sort of atmospheric keyboard-laden doom/death with quite a few interesting compositions. The closest bands I can compare them to are Depression (Rus), diSEMBOWELMENT and maaaaaaybe a bit in mood to Traumatic Voyage.
Also, you know that "signature NB" main part in Cunoasterea Tacuta from Om? The clean-ish psych-ish bit that practically makes the song? Yeah, it's here on track 4 or 5. Nearly 10 years earlier.

Drew, I guess it would have been a safe bet for you. It's not metal in the "AUTOPSYYYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" type of way, but its not polluted by bluegrass, post-rock, industrial, shoegaze and whatever flavor of the month "attached-subgenre" is hip right now either.



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