Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Faustcoven - Rising From Below The Earth (2008)

Genre - Death/Doom with Black and Traditional Doom influences
Review - By the time I had discovered this band, they were already pretty famous among renowned metal listeners. I was introduced to this band in the latter part of the last year by one of the most trusted metalhead from my country. His recs hardly fail and I just grabbed this chance with both hands. Downloaded it, Listened to it, Liked it and completely forgt about it.

One fine morning I decided to buy this from the legendary record Barbarian Wrath (Yes the same label that is synonymous with the word kvlt and they do sign some of the greatest BM acts). Remeber Countess' Heilig Vuur, Hail's the Inheritence of Evilness, Megiddo's Devil and the Whore and the czech awesomeness Amon Goeth?? They are some of the greatest BM bands making music today and Faustcoven joined the league of those Extraordinary Motherfuckers a few years back. Their debut The Halo of Burning Wings was widely acclaimed as a landmark album by critics. On this album they have picked right from where they had left but just became more mature and if you didnt notice it in their debut already, they also got a session drummer(Yes The drumming does sound a lil mechanical on the debut). They also manage to shed a lot of down tuned low muffling guitar sound and decided to opt for thick, heavy tones instead. Arguably the primary genre here is death/doom. Obviously you still have a lot of Black metal influences just like their fellow partners in crime Hail. But what makes it an even more interesting album is its influences from Heavy metal and Traditional doom legends. Thats precisely the reason why I like this better than Hail and the band's debut. There is one mind blowing cover of Angel Witch's song from their 1981 demo Give It Some Tickle. Now who would cover a song as obscure as that (Look, Its not even on AW's more famous albums "Angel Witch " and "Screamin' and Bleedin' "). These guys must have heard a shitloads of obscure heavy/NWOBHM back in the day.

Underlying those layered ultra-slow-heavy-as-fuck guitar riffs lies solos reminiscent of heavy metal. The album begins with an epic 11 minute long magnum opus self titled track and everything else from there is like a journey. Its as if you are experiencing some some evil rites being performed in satan's abode. The echo laden deep and throaty growls are sinister enough to give you nightmarish sleeps.

All in all, a gem of an album which will be considered a cult classic in 10 years from now on. Certainly the second best of 2008. Basically any band with influences ranging from Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Angel Witch, Mercyful Fate, Winter cant really fail, or can IT??

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