Sunday, May 10, 2009

Master's Hammer - Ritual (1991)

Genre - Black Metal
This in my book is THE PERFECT BLACK METAL album(Not that I have heard a lot, But i HAVE listened to most of the so called classics).

Seriously this is the greatest BM album that no one cares about. Czech had some really obscure and awesome BM scene going on and to expect an album of such high quality as Ritual way back in early 90s from them is really asking for too much. But Boy,Oh Boy! Do they kick some ass? They certainly do. The whole album is a journey. Its as if sitting in an opera with black metal riffs being played in the background, Yes it has that classical music feel around it. Unique vocals and the riffs remind of some of the 80s heavy metal bands. I actually wanted to check if Master's hammer were a One Hit wonder,so I went on to check some of their early demos and guess what they were nearly as awesome as Ritual only the production was a bit poor.

I have never recommended any band more, THIS IS SOMETHING YOU JUST CANT IGNORE.


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